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Adam Erace Shows Off Philly Food To The Brits

Erace gave love to Serpico, which is the right call.
Erace gave love to Serpico, which is the right call.
Photo: Eater Philly

Thanks to critic/tastemaker Adam Erace, the Philly food scene is getting some serious love in The Guardian, one of England's most widely-read and important national newspapers. After covering the prerequisite birth of the United States in Old City, Erace goes on to give high praise to the greatness of chef Eli Kulp's work at Fork, which still stands as a prime example of the early days of the restaurant revolution of the late 1990s.

He then goes on to show love for South Street's newest darling, Serpico, alongside Zahav, Vernick Food + Drink, and the shiny, new Pizzeria Vetri. Philly's venerable red sauce community, which was the backbone of our restaurant scene for generations, gets attention in the form of Marra's and Mancuso's on East Passyunk Avenue. Fellow EPX residents Le Virtù and Capogiro get namedropped, alongside Memphis Taproom and Loco Pez, who represent the new school casual eateries that are popping up in every neighborhood. Erace lists a few other off-the-beaten path spots that don't get enough local buzzy attention, but are surely deserving.

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