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The Ultimate Bro-Fest, Finnigan's Wake, On Sale for $5M

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If you buy Finnigan's Wake, these people will come.
If you buy Finnigan's Wake, these people will come.
Photo: Cities2Night

Philebrity is reporting that Philly's biggest bro-down, Finnigan's Wake, is on sale for $5 million. You read that right. Five. Million. Dollars. And while the property is overpriced, it sure is massive. Like 19,140 square foot massive, which means you can pack in a lot of underage drinkers and bros and, um, ladies. Apparently part of the deal is the option to build a balcony or rooftop deck attached to the bar in case there isn't enough square footage for whatever it is you want to turn this place into.

Of course you're going to want to set fire to all of the flat surfaces and then follow that up with three or four bleach washes to get rid of the many years and layers of "ewww" that cover Finnigan's interior. After all, that guy on the right in the picture above obviously did some terrible things here, most likely on more than one of those flat surfaces.

All jokes aside, this is the perfect location for that long-rumored Philly outpost of Eataly. So why doesn't someone get Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich on the phone and lets get this thing going.

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Finnigan's Wake

537 N 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19123