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Is The Village Belle Done?

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Is this the end of The Village Belle?
Is this the end of The Village Belle?
Photo: Trip Advisor

We've gotten a few rumor tips about Joey and Lou Campanaro's Philly restaurant, The Village Belle, calling it quits, but at first glance it just looked like they might be on vacation, as many Italian families take summer break during the month of August. The dynamic duo weren't responding to calls and emails for the last week, but vacation will do that to someone. What is truly bizarre, though, is that their OpenTable page has been shut down, which is usually a bad sign. It looks like The Insider has been tracking the same story, and are reporting that they might be reconfiguring the restaurant, but no one knows for sure.

So, is The Village Belle done or are they reimagining the concept? Stay tuned. If any of our readers have info regarding the state of the restaurant, please hit us up on the tipline or leave a comment below.

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The Village Belle

757 S. Front Street, Philadelphia, PA