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Cajun-Vietnamese Seafood Bar Coming to the Piazza

Max's Brew Bar at the Piazza at Schmidt's, which had 32 taps but pretty forgettable food, is dunzo. The good news: the beer is sticking around. The rest of the place is transforming into Crabby Cafe & Bar, bringing the locally underrepresented Cajun Asian genre to NoLibs.

This will be a second location of the Crabby Cafe in the Northeast, a BYO operation out on Castor Ave. On the menu: seafood boils (crawfish, shrimp, crabs) with Cajun seasoned butter, sweet potato fries, a smattering of fried and fishy apps, and pho. (If this sounds a little random to you, rest assured, this is A Thing, and a good one at that.)

Opening day for the new Piazza cafe and bar is next Friday, January 10, when they'll open for dinner at 6:30 p.m.
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The Piazza at Schmidt's

1050 N. Hancock St. Philadelphia PA 19123