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Yuengling's Ice Cream is Almost Here

Photo: Yuengling's Ice Cream

Last fall, word got around that members of the Yuengling family were getting into the ice cream game (back in, more accurately, as they made and sold ice cream for a few decades beginning during Prohibition).

Now it sounds like the launch of the ice cream line is upon us. Drink Philly says to start looking for the product in most locations in Mid-February, in ten (non-alcoholic) flavors, from vanilla to mint chip to black and tan.

For more backstory, check out Zagat Philly's interview with David Yuengling, who says shipments to stores have already begun this week. He also helps clarify the separate nature of the dairy business from the brewery, and talks history and quality goals for the ice cream line:

Zagat: Are you using the original recipes for your new product line?
DY: Parts of them... we went back to what we were making 30 years ago and improved upon it. Back then, there were artificial stabilizers and flavorings, but now we're going all-natural, as much as is humanly possibly.

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