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Sunday on Food Network: Giada Judges Cutthroat Kitchen

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The champagne's been drunk and the resolutions solidified, so kick off the 2014 Sunday routine with new episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen, on Food Network.

If you're new to this rousing series of cooking sabotage, here's a rundown: Alton Brown gives four competitors $25,000 and a culinary challenge. The wily chefs must work to churn out a delicious dish, while surviving the culinary curveballs thrown their way by using the funds to save themselves or handicap the competition. Utensils will be thieved, ingredients will be changed, and tears will be cried. It's all part of the game.

On Sunday's new episode, see just how far these chefs will go to please the discerning palate of guest judge Giada De Laurentiis. Get an exclusive first look at bonus footage of Alton and Giada on Cutthroat Kitchen, and catch the competition Sunday at 10/9c, only on Food Network. >>