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Is Umami Burger Looking at the Letto Deli Space?

The Letto Deli space, in 2012.
The Letto Deli space, in 2012.
Photo: Naked Philly

Nestled into a post about a Michael Voltaggio-conceived Monte Cristo burger at Umami Burger, Michael Klein mused on the potential location of a rumored Philly outpost for the Los Angeles-based burger chain. One source says there are multiple spots still being scouted; another cites the old Letto Deli at 13th and Chancellor streets as the one to watch.

While the location is desirable and everyone is eager to see the space filled, we've been burned here before. Since the deli was first said to be closing in 2008, both Stephen Starr and Jose Garces have backed out of projects at that address. Starr initially scouted it for either a pizza joint or a "Love Burger" before backing out early; Garces went much further with his Frohman's Wursthaus concept there before ultimately scrapping the project.

Mega-ambitious Umami founder Adam Fleischman, meanwhile, is devoting a lot of his attention these days to opening this chocolate chicken restaurant in LA.

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Former Site of Letto Deli

208 S. 13th St. Philadelphia PA