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Scorpion Stings Grocer After Stowing Away in Bananas

Be careful out there.
Be careful out there.
Photo: 24oranges/Flickr

A worker at the Giant food store in Haverford township was stung on Saturday by a stowaway scorpion while restocking bananas, reports Main Line Media News. The employee was transported to the hospital, and authorities had to find and trap the arachnid so that it could be identified. There is no word yet on the individual's condition or the exact type of scorpion involved.

The Havertown Giant opened in April 2013. A PR rep insisted that the chain "will continue to diligently inspect product both at [its] perishable distribution center and at the store while thoroughly investigating this serious matter with [its] suppliers." While an absolute guarantee of "No More Horrifying Monster Bugs in Fruit Ever" would be appreciated, don't hold your breath: There are a few other recent stories about stowaway bugs to keep in mind next time you reach blindly into a produce display. (Disclaimer: Links are totally gross; proceed with caution.)
· Scorpion Hitching Ride in Bananas, Stings Grocer [Main Line Media News]

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