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Caviar, a Premium Delivery Service, Launches in Philly

The SF-based outfit provides delivery from higher-end spots and popular places that offer no (or limited) delivery of their own. And for now, they're doing it for free.

Just some of the delivery options now available through Caviar.
Just some of the delivery options now available through Caviar.

Already operating in its native San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities, premium delivery service Caviar launched today in Philadelphia. You won't find any of the usual pizzeria suspects on their list — the service carves out its niche by creating delivery options where there are none, or expanding the reach and accessibility of delivery where it's limited.

The initial offering in Philly is an eclectic mix of fine-dining spots, like Amada, and casual hotspots like Hip City Veg and Federal Donuts. In Hip City Veg's case, the delivery area will be expanded, while FedNuts (like other bakeries on the list) has typically only offered delivery for larger catering orders. Many of the offerings are well-suited to office lunch or snack orders.

Earlier this year, Eater gave an in-depth look to the service from an NYC point of view. Since that article was written (in fact, recently enough that they haven't yet updated their website to reflect the change), Caviar has been acquired by Square and has dropped its fee — the service costs a flat $4.99 per order. However, during the introductory period, they're waiving the fee and delivering for free. (They haven't yet announced an end date for the promotion.)

Caviar's delivery range orders covers all of Center City and South Philly, includes University City, and extends north to Lehigh Avenue.