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Chef Recs: Joncarl Lachman Reveals His Favorite Philly Spots

The chef-owner of Noord loves BYOBs, waiting in lines, and mayo on hoagies.

Bob Moysan

Here's a feature rounding up chef Joncarl Lachman's recommendations on where to eat in Philly, courtesy of Drew Lazor for Serious Eats. Lachman is a native of Philly who skipped town in the mid-'80s to work in D.C, New York, and Chicago, returning only recently to open Noord. And, as Lazor notes, he really is "one of the [Philly] food scene's biggest and most earnest boosters."

When Rita's on Passyunk opened, I was the first person in line, no lie.In light of that fact, we suppose we can forgive him for his gasp-worthy standing hoagie order: ham and cheese with mayo. For cheesesteaks, he favors Tony Luke's, though he also defends Cheesesteak Vegas as a vital stop for out-of-town guests.

He also gives his stamp of approval to the great five-dollar burger at Fountain Porter, names a slew of BYOBs to take a date, and posits that waiting in line for sandwiches is a crucial and enjoyable part of being a Philadelphian, adding, "We are a gruff but decidedly friendly people."

Check out the full article for the rest of Lachman's picks.

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