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Nodding Head Brewery Will Leave Center City

Owner Curt Decker says he has a deal to reincarnate the bar in another spot, but won't say where.

Nodding Head

Nodding Head brewpub owner Curt Decker has announced that he'll be shutting the bar's doors after service on October 31, after 17 years at its current address. A deal is said to be in place already for a new spot, but Decker has so far declined to say where, beyond "a neighborhood outside of Center City."

The hope is to re-open Nodding Head in its new location by spring of 2015, though could not find any records of the license transfer process having been initiated, so that timeline may still be up in the air.

The move reportedly follows disputes with one of Nodding Head's landlords, who Decker says filed a suit against the brewery this year.

Once the move is complete, Decker hopes to be able to expand production and possibly even begin distributing Nodding Head's beer to other bars.

Nodding Head Brewery & Restaurant

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