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Tattooed Mom, In All Its Graffitied Glory: A Photo Essay

An appreciation, in photos, of South Street's most graffiti-tagged, candy-strewn bar of wonders.

By way of prematurely celebrating the glory that is Dive Bar Power Hour, Eater went to Tattooed Mom last night for some cheap drinks and bar food (Wednesday's special, by the by, is some pretty darn good burgers — regular or vegan — for $3). For the uninitiated, Tattooed Mom features two floors, with the bar occupying the first floor. The second floor is the real fun, with graffiti-covered walls — done by local artists after hours and amateur, inebriated artists during business hours — and re-salvaged amusement park rides for seats. We snapped a few photos before it got too crowded.

— Dan McKay

Tattooed Mom

530 South Street, , PA 19147 (215) 238-9880 Visit Website