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Social Media Company Does the Math, Says Philly's Buzziest Bars Are PYT & Xfinity Live

It raises the question: Why even do math?

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Xfinity Live: Second-buzziest spot in town. [Photo: Facebook]

Finally, someone has created an infographic to convey which bars in Philly are the "buzziest" of them all. Sure, if Google searches are any indication, the average person is more interested in learning which bars are "best" — but which come out on top when the only criteria considered are "5 million social media data points across thousands of bars in 5 U.S. cities"?

According to Sidewalk — a company that wants to sell social media services to companies including bars and restaurants — social media is key to the marketing and success of bars and restaurants. So they crunched the social media numbers and came up with this top-five list of Philly buzz-grabbers:

1. PYT
2. Xfinity Live
3. Continental Midtown
4. Monk's Cafe
5. Brauhaus Schmitz

PYT topping that list is hardly a surprise, given their obvious mastery of virality. (See also: barf donuts, LeSean McCoy's 20-cent tip fiasco.) Xfinity Live, meanwhile, could easily make its way onto such a list solely based on the slew of huge events it hosts that are heavily promoted on social media. It's more heartening to see Monk's and Brauhaus (two bars we would actually visit) succeeding at whatever game this is.

According to Mo Yehia — Sidewalk's founder, though he describes himself as "Crossing Guard" on LinkedIn, because the startup world is a magical and untamed space where anything goes — the infographic is "a great way to visually display the importance of social media in bar/restaurant marketing today."

Updated to add:

Here's the full graphic, including data for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston:

Philly's Buzziest Bars