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Townsend Wentz Gave an Instagram Master Class in Deboning a Whole Pig

Do you know how to debone and stuff a 60-pound pig? Would you like to?


Last night, while prepping for tonight's Garces Foundation Gala at the Kimmel Center, chef Tod Wentz hit Instagram with a step-by-step, 28-photo spread on how to debone and stuff a 60-pound pig.

Head over to his IG to click through the whole tutorial, but it should go without saying that it's not for the faint of heart. In addition to dozens of photos of the inside of a pig laid bare, the commentary includes gems like "We're gonna 'unzip' the spine from the skin" and "Remove spine cartilage. GO SLOW!"

Finally, Wentz stuffs the pig with farcemeat and the trimmed and brined loins, then stitches the whole thing back up. It's highly educational.


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