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Aaron Sanchez Is in Philly Right Now Filming a Show About Tacos

It's reportedly called Taco Trip, which seems self-explanatory enough.

Chef and television personality Aaron Sanchez is in town right now filming a new show. (The Chopped judge has previously starred in food TV favorites such as That One Where They Seek Out Spicy Foods Then Complain About the Heat, as well as That One Chris Cosentino Deeply, Deeply Regrets.) This one is for Cooking Channel, reports Michael Klein, and is said to be called Taco Trip.

Klein has found at least four spots that seem to be involved in the filming: Taqueria Feliz, Sancho Pistola's, Union Taco, and Tuk Tuk Real. That's a pretty big win for PR pro Peter Breslow, who reps Tuk Tuk and Union Taco — Breslow has Instagrammed a few shots that confirm the reports. There's a shot of the crew at Tuk Tuk today, and a shot of Sanchez in the kitchen yesterday with Union chef-owner Nick Farina (above).

No word yet on whether the show will visit Ninth Street. (If you spot the crew anywhere else, hit us up on the tipline.)