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Kevin Sbraga Wants to Serve You a Tiny Little Salad Bar

"I mean, it's maybe a tablespoon of this, a tablespoon of that. The cucumber is maybe two slices of cucumber. The tomato is like four grape tomatoes cut in half."


Food Republic wrung some more info out of Kevin Sbraga about his '80s throwback concept, Juniper Commons — and wow, is it precious. Like, a-tablespoonful-of-bacon-bits precious. Or, in fact, tiny-little-tabletop-salad-bar precious.

Inspired by nostalgia for special-occasion family meals at the Pub in Pennsauken, Sbraga wanted to incorporate a salad bar into the new spot. Except, he says, he decided that the reality of a communal salad bar is "just gross."

So instead, he'll bring a miniature version to your table. If tableside Caesar prep is not interactive enough for you, you'll be able to have a bare salad delivered alongside a slew of topping options, in miniscule amounts.

Check out the full article for a few more teases on the direction the concept is taking.