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Loco Pez Expansion Will Save You From Eating and Drinking With Other Humans

Take your beer and burritos and just go home, where no one demands anything of you or tries to make eye contact.

The new dining room at Loco Pez.
The new dining room at Loco Pez.
Loco Pez/Twitter

Fishtown's favorite taco bar, Loco Pez, has been able to make some major upgrades this year by expanding into the space next door. And while additional room of any sort was welcome news for the often packed bar, it was the promise of a bottle shop that really piqued interest.

The bottle shop and takeout counter, which they're calling Pez Veloz, has apparently been open for about a month. And now, they're doing lunch, too. The Insider has all the details on the current status.

Hours are maybe a little bit confusing, but the main takeaway is: Takeout (food and beer) is available from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

If you do opt to eat lunch there, know that the dining room will shut down at 3:30 p.m. in advance of dinner service. Everything else is pretty much the same — the kitchen is still open to bar customers until 1 a.m.; brunch will still run on the weekends. On dollar taco nights, that deal will only be available at dinner.

The bottle selection, by Klein's count, currently runs almost 40-deep. You can buy by the 6- or 12-pack, with singles available during lunch.

Pez Veloz, at Loco Pez, 2401 East Norris Street, 267-886-8061.