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Little Pete's Is Probably Closing; This World Is Garbage

The only part of this story that isn't the worst is that the diner will not close immediately.

Philly institution and literally perfect diner Little Pete's is among the businesses that will be razed to make way for another new hotel, pending a vote by City Council. PlanPhilly last night reported on the proposed bill, which has been put forth by Councilman Kenyatta Johnson. It would rezone the block between 16th and 17th, Chancellor and St. James streets to allow for the construction of a Hudson Hotel, which will incorporate two levels of retail and a rooftop restaurant that no one will ever love half as much as people love Little Pete's.

Though the bill has not yet been put to a vote, PlanPhilly notes that the zoning change has the support of the Planning Commission staff, and that "the ten district members virtually never vote against each other’s bills."

Michael Klein received confirmation from Little Pete's co-owner John Koutroubas that he learned of the plan yesterday, but has been aware of the developers' intentions for years and has "been waiting for the day this would happen." At present, he believes the end date for the diner may still be a year off. The proposed hotel is said to be aiming to open sometime in 2016.

Little Pete's has been open for 36 years. Go, share some reminiscences.

Little Pete's

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