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This Photographer Has Been Chronicling Little Pete's for Months

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Michael Penn has been going to the diner for twenty years, but began documenting the diner recently because of "a gut feeling."

Michael Penn

Here are some gorgeous shots of Little Pete's via Michael Penn, a photographer who says that he's been going to the diner for some twenty years and is "heartbroken over what might happen" there. He began seriously documenting the place and people a few months ago.

[Photo: Michael Penn]

"It started with a gut feeling about what might happen to Pete's after what I've seen in Manhattan," wrote Penn, who has a specific interest in street photography, and has extensively photographed both cities. He's lived in Old City for two decades.

When he's finished with the series, he says, he hopes to publish a book. You can look at the whole series so far right here.

Little Pete's

2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, , PA 19130 (215) 232-5001