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Where Alton Brown Ate As He Breezed Through Philly This Weekend

The Food Networkperson wasn't here long, but he still hit FedNuts twice, among other stops.

Food Network staple Alton Brown hit the Merriam Theater in Philly on Saturday on his national Edible Inevitable tour, which incorporates singing, comedy, and cooking demos — and even threatens audience members with a poncho zone a la Gallagher, or SeaWorld. His visit was brief — the show was in Cleveland on Friday, then headed to D.C. on Sunday — but he still managed to cram in a very respectable amount of food, which was well documented on his Instagram and Twitter feeds.

The morning began, as so many of Brown's roadtrips seem to, with donuts — at Federal Donuts, of course. Specifically, he ate, and took selfies with, hot fresh cinnamon-sugar donuts. (Also pictured: pumpkin spice latte fancies.)

During a stop to the Reading Terminal Market, Brown downed a DiNic's roast pork ("Now that's a sandwich" — true statement), and signed all the copies of his books at the Cookbook Stall.

Brown also toured the Berley brothers' sibling shops in Old City, sucking down a phosphate at Franklin Fountain (which has "something going on," according to a follow-up tweet)...

...and taking a tour of Shane Confectionery.

Then, it turns out, one trip to FedNuts in a day was not enough for Brown, who had to try the chicken. So it was back to the CookNSolo mini-empire on Sansom Street, where Brown found his "best bite of the day": shabazzi-dusted chicken. (Looks like he tried some plain, too.)

And there was also a trip across the street to Dizengoff for some "fantastic" hummus (a rep tells us they grabbed three orders to go), accompanied by coffee from nearby Elixr.

After that, it was off to the Merriam, and the tight schedule seemingly allowed no time for breakfast: the next dispatch from Brown had him already downing donuts in D.C. This week, the tour will hit Hershey, Boston, New York, and points north, before taking a break for the holidays and resuming in February.

Shane Confectionery

110 Market Street, , PA 19106 (215) 922-1048 Visit Website


1625 Sansom Street, , PA 19103 (215) 867-8181 Visit Website

Elixr Coffee Roasters

315 North 12th Street, , PA 19107 (239) 404-1730 Visit Website

The Franklin Fountain

116 Market Street, , PA 19106 (215) 627-1899

Federal Donuts

1909 Sansom Street, , PA 19103 (215) 665-1101 Visit Website