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Did LeSean McCoy Take Ma$e to Jim's Steaks or What?

It's still not entirely clear.

This afternoon, rapper and '90s icon Mase (or Ma$e, if you prefer, and now that we mention it, we do prefer) posted on Instagram that he was "chillin on @jimssouthstreet" with Eagles star/notorious tipper LeSean McCoy.

(Earlier, Ma$e shared that he's here braving the "sooo cold" Philly weather to attend tonight's game against the Panthers.)

The combination of phrasing and photo content was just the tiniest bit vague. Did they actually go inside?

Jim's tweeted the following in response, which seems promising:

However, when Eater called to inquire whether McCoy had actually eaten a steak (we can't imagine Chip Kelly would be too pleased if he had), one employee said he'd just arrived at work so didn't know, then consulted with another employee, who reported he had not seen McCoy today and did not think he'd been there.

Of course, it's entirely possible the employee we caught on the phone had just missed him. (We choose to believe that this is the case, because we do not care to be robbed of the pleasant mental image of Shady and Ma$e enjoying cheesesteaks together.) Or perhaps they were trying to protect McCoy from being found out as he furtively housed a verboten sandwich. All we can do at this point is wildly speculate.

But one of the employees did tell us that Panthers tight end Brandon Williams ate there last night — meaning either that Carolina has far less stringent dietary guidelines, or that we just got Brandon Williams in trouble.

Jim's Steaks

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