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The Frankford Chocolate Factory Is Up for Grabs

Its story reaches Wonka-esque levels of intrigue.

James Jennings/Passyunk Post

After sitting vacant for ages, the former Frankford Chocolate factory at 21st Street and Washington Avenue is finally up for sale, according to the Passyunk Post today.

The most recent plan for the massive 19th-century factory space — "which was at one time the largest chocolate-bunny making operation in the world," says the Post — was for a mixed-use development that would have included "up to 15 restaurants." That plan was downgraded a bit over time, then ultimately dashed when the property's owner, Truong Dinh Tran (given a captivating profile here by the NY Times), died without a will in 2012.

Now, Tran's estate is being liquidated, which means the property is again up for grabs. According to Philadelphia Business Journal, the site totals 2.3 acres and is expected to sell for between $10 million and $15 million. Find even more reading on the history of the site over at the Post.