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Spot Burgers Is Trying to Crowdfund a Restaurant

The tiny cart is looking to go brick-and-mortar in West Philly.


Josh Kim launched Spot, his 8'x4' burger cart, about three years ago. Now, according to a GoFundMe appeal launched today, Kim has an opportunity to move his operation to a more permanent setting. And he's looking for $75,000 worth of help to make it happen.

The cart, which spends most of its time at 33rd and Arch, has gained a devoted following and plenty of critical acclaim (including, but not limited to, a 2012 Eater Award). If Kim's appeal is successful, the burgers wouldn't be moving too far — he writes that the restaurant would be "in the Drexel campus/Mantua area."

Previous crowdfunding attempts for restaurants and bars have met with mixed receptions, from extremely warm (CookNSolo's charitable Rooster Soup concept) to much chillier (Tommy Up's the Yachtsman). That said, as far as results go, the Yachtsman still met its goal, and has since opened to a healthy amount of praise.

Unlike Kickstarter, GoFundMe campaigns don't come with an expiration date, nor do they require you meet your entire goal to keep what money has been donated, so this instance is a bit more open-ended than some of the others.