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Zagat Survey Says Philly's Best Food Is Vegan, Vetri Barely Better Than Fogo de Chao

Here comes everyone's favorite manic quotation mark-strewn top 50 list.

Bill Addison/

Inimitable Vedge is serving the best food in Philly, according to Zagat's Philadelphia restaurant survey, released today. The survey polled 5,001 people to yield a ranking of the city's 50 best restaurants, in addition to attempting to gauge Philly diners' spending habits, service likes and dislikes, and how they feel about Brussels sprouts.

Rounding out the top ten based on food are (in order): Vernick, Morimoto, Bibou, Zahav, Laurel, Amada, the Fountain, Noord, and Fond.

Meanwhile, Vetri comes in at #11, barely edging out (and receiving identical ratings in food, decor, and service as) the "gluttonous meat adventure" provided by chain churrascaria Fogo de Chao, which holds the #12 spot.

The top winner for service was the Fountain, while the number-one spot for decor went to XIX at the Bellevue, a restaurant that did not crack the actual top 50. (Sorting the top 50 list by decor puts Talula's Garden on the top of that heap, for the record.)

The survey also determined the top ten most popular restaurants in Philly, which confirms that crab fries and Stephen Starr are still crowd-pleasers. The top spots on this list are all inhabited by chains (Iron Hill, Chickie's & Pete's, Capital Grille, Five Guys, and Maggiano's). The bottom five in the popularity contest are Buddakan, Amada, Zahav, El Vez, and Parc.

A slew of other survey questions determine that Philadelphia diners eat out a bit less often (and spend a bit less each time) than the national average, but tip slightly more. On the topic of food trends, Philadelphians didn't deviate very significantly from national responses: people still like Brussels sprouts and are fairly evenly divided on their feelings about "bacon anything," while almost half of everyone still thinks nose-to-tail eating is gross.