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Delaware Has Won the Race to Put Scrapple in Beer

Frankly, Pennsylvanians really dropped the ball on this one.

Artist's rendering of a frosty pint of scrapple stout.
Artist's rendering of a frosty pint of scrapple stout.
Kirill Z/Shutterstock

Were we in a race to put scrapple in beer? would be a fair-enough question to be asking right now, but now that Delaware's Dogfish Head has announced a beer brewed with 25 pounds of Rapa scrapple, it seems apparent that of course we were in such a race. And unless Victory or Yards currently have something in the tank involving a heap of Habbersett* that'll be ready to go within two weeks or so, we lost. We lost so hard it hurts.

To add insult to injury, the Dogfish Head beer is a small, draft-only release that you'll have to go to Delaware to sample. They'll tap it on Friday, December 5 at a special happy hour at their Rehoboth Beach brewpub.

Called Beer for Breakfast, the brew also includes maple syrup, applewood-smoked barley, lactose, and coffee. The scrapple they used is described as "a super-lean version" of Rapa's standard recipe — not a descriptor we'd normally want anywhere near our scrapple, but in the special case of a beverage, let's assume the experts know what they were doing.

With Delaware outpacing us in scrapple production and drink-innovation, and even New York coming out with breakthroughs like the scrapple waffle, is it time to worry we've lost our edge? Does Pennsylvania need to step up its scrapple-appreciation game?

Obviously, we've asked that exact question in poll form below, so you can weigh in.

* Irony intended: Habbersett is actually made in Delaware now, too.