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DiBartolo Bakery Has a Car-Shaped Hole In It

A car drove into the Collingswood bakery, which has made a few high-profile reality TV appearances lately.


A car reversed smack into the side of DiBartolo Bakery in Collingswood, New Jersey this morning, causing them to close temporarily. Eater received a tip containing this photo of the damage:

According to a Facebook post by the bakery this morning, "Everyone (including cakes) is okay." They shut briefly to check the structure, but have since reopened.

Al DiBartolo told Eater that the car came dangerously close to the gasline and the kitchen, where two family members were working. While the building has been deemed safe, the family is still unsure as to the extent of the repairs that will be necessary.

The Collingswood police department confirms that the accident involved "an older male" driver and happened just after 8 a.m. this morning, with no injuries sustained. DiBartolo says the elderly driver was parked outside the front of the bakery, before somehow reversing into the side of the building as he was leaving.

Even if you don't cross the bridge to Collingswood much, you may know DiBartolo from some recent television shows they've been featured on. The bakery, which dates back to 1969, was one of several local businesses to receive a makeover on Food Network's Save My Bakery. Al DiBartolo and Manny Agigian also made it to the finals of TLC's Cake Boss-hosted Next Great Baker, which just wrapped up in August.

Di Bartolo's Bakery

667 Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108 (856) 869-3565