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Here Comes the Roseanne-Themed Pop-Up You Didn't Know You Needed

Chefs Jennifer Zavala and David Katz will resurrect the Lanford Lunch Box for one night only on December 16.


If endlessly binge-watching the classic show on WeTV and Logo hasn't quite sated your hunger for all things Roseanne, maybe dining on loose meat sandwiches will do the trick.

You'll get the chance on December 16, when chef Jen Zavala will celebrate her love of Roseanne by resuscitating the spirit of the Lanford Lunch Box in the truck at the Garage. She's teaming up with David Katz — Zavala's Roseanne "needed a Jackie, and he's it. (Or, he's my Dan)," as she puts it — for the one-night-only event.

On the menu so far, Zavala's thinking loose meat sandwiches (of course, they'll use Creekstone beef, which Katz has been selling since he stepped away from restaurant kitchens in 2012), mac and cheese pancakes, and Roseanne Bars ("the trashiest things I could find as a dessert," Zavala elaborates).


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