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Philly's Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Is Really, Truly Happening

The NYC-based soft serve shop is finally ready to start construction at SouthStar Lofts, which is poised to be the most delightfully quirky mixed-use development in recent memory.

Petroff and Quint posted this back in June to announce the expansion plans.
Petroff and Quint posted this back in June to announce the expansion plans.

When Big Gay Ice Cream owners Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff announced in June that they were opening a shop in Philly, they had their fingers crossed for a September or October opening. Of course, it hasn't quite gone what way, and attempts to poke at the owners for intel have been met with this sort of matter-of-fact response:

Today, however, the shop announced on Twitter that permits have been secured and construction starts on the new shop tomorrow.

Quint and Petroff are bringing their soft serve shop to Carl Dranoff's SouthStar lofts at South and Broad streets — the same building where Kevin Sbraga is nearing completion on his '80s-themed Juniper Commons. Combined with Big Gay Ice Cream's unbridled affection for and aesthetic devotion to pop culture, this apartment development already sounds more fun than 100% of all other apartment developments.

The Big Gay guys previously told Eater that the Philly location will take deliveries from the same dairy as their NYC shops, Ronnybrook Dairy Farm, and will have the same menu.

Southstar Lofts

521 South Broad Street, , PA 19147 (215) 546-7827 Visit Website

Big Gay Ice Cream

516 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10024 (646) 484-5838 Visit Website