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Palladino's Has Set a Date on East Passyunk

The Italian steakhouse will be ready to go by mid-month.

Facade painting is underway.
Facade painting is underway.

Luke Palladino announced today that his new Italian steakhouse on East Passyunk will open this month, on Thursday, December 18. It will be the first Philly project for Palladino, who already owns a couple of restaurants and a catering outfit in New Jersey.

An early rendering of the project. [Rendering: Anthony Bracali/Friday Architects]

A few weeks ago, the restaurant shared an in-progress photo of the building's new exterior overhang, which will provide some shade for eventual outdoor seating. Palladino has also installed a custom wood-fired grill in the kitchen, which seems as if it might as well be an official requirement for new restaurants these days.

Reservations are now live on OpenTable. (In case it's on your mind, it looks like the restaurant will be closed on Christmas Day, but open on Christmas Eve.)

Palladino's on Passyunk, 1934 East Passyunk Avenue, opening December 18.