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This Tribute to Bob's Burgers Has Three Different Kinds of Egg On It

Royal Tavern is boldly testing the boundaries of the "put an egg on it" hypothesis of tastiness.

Royal Tavern/Twitter

Royal Tavern has forged ahead into week five of its run of Bob's Burgers-inspired chalkboard specials, with the Eggers Can't Be Cheesers burger. And while a lesser bar may have simply slapped a fried egg on their regular cheeseburger, the Royal went all-in with a staggering three iterations of egg.

There's a sunny-side-up egg involved, naturally, but you'll also find truffled egg salad and pickled hard-boiled eggs joining your patty.

Also, there's cheddar cheese on it, to fulfill the "cheesers" portion of the assignment. (And bacon, presumably because bacon tastes good.)

The Royal Tavern's Eggers Can't Be Cheesers burger is available through Saturday, December 6 — on Sunday, December 7, a new special will take its place. (If you missed the story the first time around, here are all the details and a schedule for the Royal's Bob's Burgers homage.)

Royal Tavern

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