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Italian Market Classic Villa di Roma Looks to the Future

In an interview this week, owner Pip De Luca talks about growing and modernizing, at least a little bit.

Villa di Roma/Facebook

The inimitable Villa di Roma caught some spotlight this week as food writer Danya Henninger checked in with owner Epiphany "Pip" De Luca to discuss the classic restaurant's past as well as what its future looks like.

Among the engaging anecdotes and history lessons are some updates on current projects that will see the restaurant expanding its. While Villa di Roma has owned an additional space at Ninth and Hall streets for a while now, which is used as a production kitchen for their highly regarded meatballs and gravy, De Luca tells Henninger that they will "soon" begin adding more takeout options from that kitchen. Look for meatball sandwiches and other to-go items that could include lasagna and more.

A recent packaging deal means that the shop will begin to sell their gravy in jars — but while Henninger reports that Villa is working on finally getting an official website up and running, they don't currently have plans to sell the sauce online.

Finally, De Luca shared a few more details on the restaurant's planned expansion into a next-door storefront. The work, which should come about "within another year", will provide the restaurant with significantly more kitchen space, and at least "a few" additional seats.

For more stories and De Luca's insight into the changing face of the Italian Market, read the full interview here.

Villa di Roma

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