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Vetri Gets All Decked Out for the Holidays

Marc Vetri ordered up a total whirlwind of a Christmas makeover over the weekend.

All Photos: Meredith Sexton

When Marc Vetri calls looking for a total last-minute makeover of his signature restaurant, you answer — at least, you do if you're Vetri's floral designer. Meredith Sexton (who does business as Stems by Meredith and provides flowers for clients like the Vetri family and Laurel) got that call, and shared some photos of the cheery transformation she pulled off.

An installation in the restaurant's foyer features natural design elements like seasonal fruits.

"Saturday, I woke up to a barrage of texts and calls from Marc," Sexton tells us. "He wanted me to go nuts decorating Vetri for the holidays and have it done by Monday." She'd been hoping to be asked to take on such a large project and jumped at the chance.

So Sexton met up with GM Bobby Domenick on Sunday morning to draw up a game plan, then "basically bought out the store" at Anthropologie-owned gardening and design shop Terrain. It doesn't look like she was kidding, either:

Together, Sexton and Domenick decked out both of the restaurant's floors in less than eight hours on Monday, including tree decorating and covering almost every available surface in pine cones and boughs, lights, candles, fruit, and flowers. Vetri even pitched in a bit himself — it was his idea to hang ornaments directly from the ceiling in the main dining room.


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