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Free Cake; Dr. Who Trivia; Philly Restaurant Couples

NORTHEAST — Eater is no great fan of Valentine's dining deals... unless they just involve free cake and minimal effort. Which is precisely what Joe's Steaks is offering for Valentine's Day: Anyone who visits on February 14 and buys the special shake of the day (chocolate-covered strawberry; $4.50) gets a free cupcake to go with it. And they just spent V-Day at a cheesesteak shop, so it's a double win. [EaterWire]

OLD CITY — On Saturday, February 15, the Victoria Freehouse is hosting Dr. Who Trivia at the sort-of-weird (but family-friendly?) hour of 3 p.m. On the food tip, there will be drink specials featuring sonic screwdrivers and a $25 family-style menu of Thai takeout noodles, Slitheen deviled eggs, Vendalusian plankton pasties, fish fingers and custard Dalek shortbreads. Not sure what any of that means, honestly, but surely someone out there just got pretty excited. [EaterWire]

ROMANCE WIRE — You've probably noticed by now that Philly's restaurant scene is lousy with industry couples. Zagat noticed, too, and just in time for V-Day they offer this round-up of 14 of everyone's favorite restaurant couples, all trying to sidestep the question "What are the cons of working together?" in that adorable way couples do. [Zagat Philly]