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Metropolitan Cafe's Winter Menu Is Vegan-Friendly

Photo: Metropolitan/Official

To be fair, the menu at Metropolitan Cafe already included some vegan items like soups and salads, but how friendly are salads? Exactly. Everyone knows that the friendliest thing you can do for someone is bake them a cake, and now Metro Cafe is offering vegan lemon olive oil cake, chocolate cake, and peanut butter-chocolate crispy bars. How neighborly of them.

Also new to the menu for the season are decidedly non-vegan things like house-fermented kefir, pink peppercorn shortbread, and "egg knot" breakfast sandwiches that pile fried eggs and homemade red pepper rouille onto brioche rolls, to achieve peak egginess. (Sauteed greens and potatoes are on there, too, because eggs are nothing if not friendly.)

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Metropolitan Cafe

264. S. 19th Street Philadelphia PA