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Free Bierfest Tickets; Preserving by the Pint

POPLAR — This weekend is the German Society of Philadelphia's Third Annual Philly Bierfest, and Foobooz has a few pairs of tickets to give away. Of course, you'll have to prove yourself worthy to earn them — there's a lot of free beer at stake. [Foobooz]

AROUND TOWN — Chicken cheesesteaks don't often get treated with such respect as in Zagat's roundup of ten of the city's best specimens. And it answers all the important questions, too —i.e., chopped or chunked, and is there a buffalo version available? [Zagat]

BOOK CLUB — Marisa McClellan, of Food in Jars fame, will see her second cookbook out on shelves in April. Called Preserving by the Pint, the new volume focuses on small-batch preservation. [Meal Ticket][Photo: Bierfest/Krista Patton]