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More Cheese Dinners at High St.; Pancake Ice Cream

OLD CITY — At the beginning of the month, High St. on Market and Madame Fromage hosted a Birchrun Hills Farm dinner for their Tuesday-night 'friends and family' deal. Now it looks like that was just the beginning of a cheese dinner series, with a different cheesemaker being featured at the beginning of each month. Foobooz has all the details. [Foobooz]

AROUND TOWN — The Oscars are this weekend. Need a place to watch that's a little more exciting than your living room? Drink Philly has rounded up a handful of watch parties around the city to help you out. [Drink Philly]

WEST PHILLY — Whoa, Weckerly's pancake-inspired "Best Breakfast Ever" ice cream sounds seriously incredible. Check out the details here, wipe that disgusting drool off your chin, then head over to Green Line Cafe on Baltimore Ave. to try some. What, too cold for that? They'll also deliver it to your door. [Zagat Philly]

High Street on Market

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