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Chhaya Cafe's Moving; Late-Night Happy Hour Featuring 'First Craft Mexican Brewery'

EAST PASSYUNK — Waffle specialist Chhaya Cafe is moving to a spot that's just two doors down from their current location, but will have room for about twice the seating. The new space should be ready to be open by Maylate spring or early summer, and with all the new elbow room will come a larger menu. [Passyunk Post]

PHILADELPHIA — Pizza by the slice isn't Philly's strongest suit, but that doesn't mean there's none to be found. Zagat rounds up ten worthwhile options all around town. (Well, with the notable absence of West Philly, that is.) [Zagat Philly]

RITTENHOUSE — Jose Pistola's is hosting a late-night happy hour on Sunday, February 9 featuring Siembra Azul tequila and beer from Berber Brewing Co., which they call "the first (and, we think, only) craft Mexican brewery to the Philly beer scene and world beer market." The event starts at 10 p.m.; full details are here. [Facebook]