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V-Day Jewelry Buying Tips; Peter Pilotto for Target

Nicole Landaw Jewelry at Egan Day.
Nicole Landaw Jewelry at Egan Day.
Photo: Sarah Zwerling

RITTENHOUSE — If you want to make sure you send the right message on February 14, take heed: Kate Egan, co-owner of the Rittenhouse jewelry boutique Egan Day, walks us through the relationship minefield that is Valentine's Day by offeringjewelry shopping tips and recommendations for various stages of a relationship.

THE INTERNET — Speaking of Valentine's Day, Philly jewelry designer Angela Monaco is currently hosting an online sale that offers a sweet discount on her Concrete Polish collection of handcrafted jewelry.

ALL OVER — London-based brand Peter Pilotto will invade Target stores on Sunday, February 9, marking the mega retailer's latest designer collaboration. Racked Philly has compiled a handy list of every single area Target store that will be carrying the collection.

PHILADELPHIA — Hey, ladies. Want to put the sex appeal back in your undies drawer? These 10 stores have the expertise and inventory needed to ease the anxiety of lingerie shopping, making it easy to fork over cash for apparel intended for a very—ahem—specialized purpose.

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