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This Mad Libs Cocktail Pop-up Will (verb) Your (noun)

Getting drunk and playing Scattergories in your living room is cool and all, but... well, but nothing. It's cool. So it follows that going out and drinking schmancy cocktails while playing Mad Libs should be at least halfway decent, too. This, Eater assumes, is the logic by which pop-up bartending collective You've Changed arrived at the "Mad Libs-themed pop-up bar" they've got planned for April 8-10.

The group, made up of bartenders Brian Kruglak, Derek Moorer and Anna Henderer of the Ranstead Room, will be taking over Jerry's Bar and improvising cocktails based on how attendees fill out their Mad Libs. Each night of the pop-up promises a different Mad Libs theme, and cocktails will run a flat $11. (If you think the creation they hand you misses the mark, you're welcome to swap it for a new one.) Hours are 5 to 11 p.m. each night.

Per the official Facebook page, the group welcomes you to "take it back to what drinking used to be about" (i.e., Mad Libs), tacking on this delightful and/or ominous promise: "P.S. there's secret games." (Fingers crossed they're referring to more Mad Libs.)
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Jerry's Bar

129 W. Laurel St. Philadelphia PA