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Volver Ticket Sales Are Now Live

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Here we go: Philly's first ticketed dining experiment has officially begun. Opening day for Volver is set for Wednesday, April 16. Contrary to the wording in the announcement about the ticketing plan, tax and tip are not included in the listed ticket prices. (Tickets for the "performance" tasting are currently listed at $175 per person each night of the week, so that could either result in a charge higher or lower than you expected. Eater had expected Volver to follow the model of other ticketed restaurants in charging the top end of their quoted price range - $250 - on weekends.)

While many in the industry have opted to use Nick Kokonas' ticketing infrastructure built for Alinea and Next in Chicago, a rep for Garces reports that they are using Austin, TX-based Thunder Tix.
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