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Eater Wants to Hear Your Pizza Delivery Horror Stories

Next week Eater will celebrate Pizza Week, and to prep, we're asking for your input. Last week, we took your temperature on calzones and stromboli. Now, we want to hear your delivery horror stories.

Ever had a particularly strange or terrible front-door transaction as a customer? Got some war stories from your own time dropping off pies door-to-door? Nightmare customers, strange requests, major customer service fails, or anything gone horribly awry — we want to hear it all.

Share your stories in the comments below or via our tipline (anonymity is fine, so if you currently work as a delivery driver or just have an embarrassing tale to tell, don't be shy). (Short on funny delivery stories, but have some other Pizza Week-related suggestions, pitches, or comments you'd like to share? Now is the time.)
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