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What's the Worst Pizza in Philadelphia?

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Photo: Shutterstock/yuliya chsherbakova

As the old truism goes, pizza is like sex, in that even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. This, of course, is nonsense. Pizza can be bad. Pizza can be really bad. And even when it does fall into the "mediocre-but-edible" category, who has time for that noise? We've got options in Philly. You owe it to yourself to eat better pizza. (And look, this is not really Eater's stated area of expertise, but you should probably be having better sex, too. Life's short.)

So while Pizza Week is generally a positive time, focusing on the best of the best, let's take a few moments to vent and call out the worst. Spill: Who in Philly has let you down one too many times? Who's just not even trying anymore? Who never had it in the first place? Eater wants to know.

We'll be accepting nominations for Philly's Worst Pizza for just 24 hours. Put a shop up for the dishonor here in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook, or via our tipline or anonymous tip form.

Tomorrow, we'll round up the nominees and put it to a poll, with the votes determining who in Philly will claim the worst-pizza crown. (NB: There is no actual crown, unless one of you wants to fashion a crown.)

UPDATE: The nomination period has closed. You can go here to vote.
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