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Eater Readers Name Philly's Very Worst Pizza

Photo: Eater Philly

You nominated your least favorites. You voted. And now, Philly, you've crowned a Worst Pizza that's, well... a little on the nose. Yes, after grabbing 17% of the total votes, Lorenzo and Sons has earned the title of Philly's Worst Pizza. (Notably, Lorenzo and Sons' rite-of-passage slices also made our essential pizzerias list, a decision we stand fully behind.)

Runner-up Tower Style Pizza put up a good fight, after initially grabbing more nominations than any other pizza place on the list. Pine St. Pizza and Steak 'Em Up should both consider themselves on notice after tying for third.

Meanwhile, pretty much all commenters and tipsters we've heard from so far agree that everyone is wrong and some other pizza somewhere else is much, much worse.

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