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Beer Here!

extremebeerfestlogo.jpgBeer Advocate's 11th annual Extreme Beer Fest went down over the weekend up in Boston, and Serious Eats has the recap, highlighting ten of the best brews from the wildly popular festival celebrating "beers that push the boundaries of brewing." The fest always features plenty of rarities and gimmicks, making it a fun read even if you don't intend to plan a trip up to Massachusetts for the next one. (And while some of these breweries can be hard to find outside of their home states, watch for guest appearances and Beer Week events if something catches your eye — festival fav Funky Buddha, for example, is no stranger to Philly.) Currently, only one of the beers featured on this list is listed on Philly Tap Finder: you can find Evil Twin's ballsy Russian Imperial Stout, Even More Jesus, at Tria Taproom right now. [SE]