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What to Eat at Citizens Bank Park, Home of the Phillies

Photo: Philadelphia Phillies

Happy Opening Day, everybody. Whether you're optimistic about the new season and new manager or not, with the Phils' home opener just a week away, you can at least get excited about some new stadium snacks. While this season's concession news isn't quite as exciting as last year's (in all fairness, the debut of FedNuts at the ballpark was tough to top), there's plenty of new stuff to sample. Harry the K's added a handful of ambitious new items to their already extensive menu, while Alley Brewing Co.'s beer garden is getting some new sandwiches featuring their own cured and smoked meats. Look out for a trio of dressed-up hot dogs and bottled craft beers at the new Philly Frank & Stein, and for the debut of some seemingly inevitable cheesesteak nachos. And, of course, the crucial old favorites are still available, like McNally's famous Schmitter and cheesesteaks from Campo's and Tony Luke's.

Citizens Bank Park's Standouts

fednutslogosmall.jpgFederal Donuts: The super-popular fried chicken and doughnut chain run by Mike Solomonov and Steve Cook debuted last season at CBP. The lineup for this season includes fried chicken, of course, (served two pieces to an order, either naked, with buttermilk ranch seasoning, or with chili-garlic glaze) and hot fresh donuts (strawberry-vanilla or plain). [Section 140]

alleybrewingcopic.jpgAlley Brewing Company: In addition to the large selection of local crafts and mainstream brews, Alley Brewing Co. has added new house-smoked meats to the menu for a couple of new sandwiches: a pastrami special and a brisket grilled cheese. [Ashburn Alley - Section 147]

guide_schmitter.jpgThe Schmitter:: The Schmitter is one of Philly's favorites from McNally's Pub in Chestnut Hill. There's a stand dedicated to the sandwich, and the line is usually pretty darned long. Grilled steak, salami, cheese, onions, and special sauce. [Section 141]

camposlogo.jpgCampo's: Whether you want to go classic or opt for "The Heater" (with spicy cheese and Buffalo sauce), Campo's is Eater's pick for cheesesteaks at the ballpark. (Of course, if you disagree, Tony Luke's is just a few steps away.) [Ashburn Alley]

* indicates new additions and special Eater recommendations

Field Level

*Alley Brewing Company, Ashburn Alley - Section 147: Here you'll find an extensive selection of beers on tap, including all the big-name mainstays and a few local options. New this year are a pastrami special (with Russian dressing and slaw) and a smoked brisket grilled cheese, featuring meats cured and smoked in-house just for ABC.
Tony Luke's, Ashburn Alley - Section 147: Tony Luke brings his signature cheesesteaks and roast pork from South Philly to the ballpark. Also available are cups of curly fries and drinks. Expect long lines.
*Campo's Steaks, Ashburn Alley: Another Philly favorite at the ballpark. Besides traditional cheesesteaks, they've got The Heater (hot sauce and Buffalo cheddar), The "Works" (mushrooms, peppers, provolone), and Pizza Steak (provolone and pizza sauce). [Ashburn Alley]
*Bull's BBQ, Ashburn Alley - Right Field Gate: Greg "The Bull" Luzinski has his signature BBQ spot here, which features ribs, chicken, hot dogs, and sides like Mac & Cheese. We're also huge fans of the giant turkey leg. Turkey Hill ice cream for dessert.
*Chickie's and Pete's Crab Fries, Section 102: The name says it all. Local franchise Chickie's and Pete's famous Old Bay-smothered fries are available here with the white cheese dip. They sell Powerade here, too, since you might break a sweat climbing the steps to your crappy seats.
*South Philly Cheesesteak Nachos, Section 122: Paired with the "Cantina Fresco" taco stand are some brand-new nachos for the 2014 season. They're exactly what they sound like!
*Gluten-Free Stand, Section 125: Added last season, this entire stand is dedicated to those who can't do gluten. Gluten-free items include hot dogs, cheesesteaks, Bull's BBQ pork sandwiches and a variety of snacks.
McFadden's Restaurant & Saloon, Section 127: If you're done with the game, head to McFadden's to get the sports bar vibe. All the same beers and bites you'll find at the McFadden's on North Third.
*Philly Frank & Stein, Section 134: New this season, craft beers in bottles join some signature dogs: the slab bacon dog, the cheesesteak dog, and the not-actually-new (but, happily, resurrected) summer dog, which is topped with cucumber, pickled onions, and ancho chile mayo.
*Federal Donuts, Section 140: Cult favorite chicken and doughnuts are now entering their second season at CBP. The menu is simplified here (just a few chicken flavors and some hot fresh donuts), and just like at their standalone stores, it's not a bad idea to go early to ensure you get in before anything sells out.
*Planet Hoagie, Section 140: Media's Planet Hoagie has a stand here in a new FedNuts-adjacent location, featuring Italian, Ham and Cheese, Roast Beef and Provolone, Turkey and Cheese, and Chicken Cutlet Italiano hoagies. This is a go-to for vegetarian options or lighter fare (every sandwich is also available as a salad.
*The Schmitter, Section 141: Another stand dedicated to one sandwich. This time, it's McNally's Pub's famous Schmitter, which is made up of grilled steak, salami, onions, cheese, tomatoes, and "special sauce."
*Turkey Hill Frozen Treats, Ashburn Alley and Section 141: Just like what it sounds, Turkey Hill ice cream in pint form, cones, cups, and everyone's favorite, the ice cream sandwich.
*Harry the K's, Sections 143-145: The big sit-down restaurant in left field has the deepest menu in the park. New this year are Prince Edward Island mussels, poutine, an egg-topped "over easy" burger, and an onion ring-topped BLT. Plus popcorn, chicken fingers, Buffalo tenders, onion rings, pretzels, disco fries, deep-fried hot dogs, cracklin' pork sandwiches, chicken cutlet sandwiches, burgers, cheesesteaks, chicken cheesesteaks, panini, and a ton of veggie options, as well. Got all that? Good. Now add beer, wine, and frozen drinks, too.

Club Level

*Bulls BBQ Express, Section 209: Like the original in Ashburn alley, but the only available meat is in sandwich form. Still, it's delicious.
Baker Bowl Bistro, Section 215: The Baker Bowl is the centerpiece eatery on the Club Level, featuring crab cake sandwich and entrees, a full salad bar, chicken Caesar salad, Grand Slam burger, and water ice.
Recreation Park, Section 218: Chickie's and Pete's crab fries and cheese dip, chicken bites, and a roast pork sandwich.
Columbia Park Cafe, Section 225: Columbia Park is known for jumbo dogs, cheese fries, chicken tenders, Cracker Jack, and delicious funnel cake fries.
Hall of Fame Ice Cream, Section 232: Ice cream helmets, Cracker Jack, Phillies cookies, and water ice push-ups.
*Harry the K's, Section 243: Just like above, Harry's has new mussels, poutine, BLTs, and "over easy" burgers in addition to their already lengthy menu, including items like chicken fingers, Buffalo tenders, deep-fried hot dogs, cracklin' pork sandwiches, chicken cutlet sandwiches, burgers, cheesesteaks, chicken cheesesteaks, paninis, and a ton of veggie options, as well.

Terrace Level

Fairmount Fries, Section 320/420: Basic grub here, like chicken tenders and fries, Buffalo tenders, boardwalk fries, and garlic fries, too.
High and Inside Pub, Section 320/420: Wine, bottled beers, and draft beers. You should probably eat before you stop here.
Market Express, Section 321/421: Hot dogs, Tastykakes, popcorn boxes, trail mix, and soft pretzels.
Phanatic Phamily Phood Stand, Section 318/418: This is the kid's menu spot, featuring PB&J sandwiches, kid-sized pretzels, Go-gurt, and choco-cones.

Besides the level-specific bites, you'll find plenty of generic stands throughout the park, like Brewerytown (soft pretzels, peanuts, cheese cups, and beer), Cobblestone Grill (cheesesteak, chicken tenders, cheeseburgers), Franklin Square Pizza/Old City Creamery (Ice cream, pizza slices; name varies slightly from level to level), Hatfield Grill (hot dogs), Lemonade, Popcorn, and Cotton Candy, South Philly Market (Hot dog, peanuts, black bean burger, cheeseburger, chicken tenders, Boardwalk fries), and Philadelphia Water Ice.

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Citizens Bank Park

1 Citizens Bank Park Way, Philadelphia, PA, 19148

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