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New Life for Union Trust; New Bakery for LoMo

WASHINGTON SQUARE WEST — After all the sturm und drang (und bankruptcy und structural problems und rumors), the fate of Union Trust is official: it'll be a catering venue. Finley Catering is taking over (they signed a lease last week with new building owners, Parkway Corp.) and will begin hosting events this fall. []

BEER HERE — Joe Sixpack takes on "fake IPAs" in his latest column, with a particular focus on session IPAs like Founders All Day and Sierra Nevada Nooner. Are they even really IPAs, or just cashing in on current trends? [Philly Daily News]

LOWER MOYAMENSING — Passyunk Post checks in with week-old Amigos Bakery (near 12th and Wolf streets) which is still expanding its selection but will eventually sell a mix of Mexican and Italian baked goods, custom special-occasion cakes, and more. [P'yunk Post]