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The SALO Project: A Traveling Filipino Pop-Up Dinner

The SALO Project is an ambitious undertaking: staging Filipino pop-up dinners in all 50 states over 50 weeks. Creator Yana Gilbuena started hosting the informal, underground dinners in Brooklyn last year, but now she's taken the show on the road to share her food with the entire country. And luckily for us, given the general dearth of Filipino food in our city, the project hits Philly at the end of this month.

Tickets are available now, at $50 per person, for the SALO Project dinner on Sunday, April 27 (the location will be announced to attendees later). Most of the menu is listed — it includes paksiw na baboy, a stew of pork hocks braised in vinegar, and chicharong bulaklak, or "deep-fried pork mesentary" — though there will be some additional surprises. The meals are served family-style, presented on banana leaves, to be eaten with your hands.

Along for the ride is Gilbuena's friend, Cassandra Sicre, who's filming the trip for an eventual documentary. (Bonus: You can check out videos from most of the dinners on Youtube.) A portion of the project's proceeds to NAFCON's Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts. For more background, Edible Brooklyn interviewed Gilbuena just before the project kicked off last month.
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