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A Moveable Tweet

Over this past weekend, Kevin Sbraga tweeted a jab at dated, '90s-style plating — and set off a hilarious exchange that went on for days and prompted hundreds of replies. David Katz, Matt Levin, Justin Swain and other local chefs fueled it, with guest appearances from the likes of Francis Lam. If you missed it, the jokes are all still there for the scrolling, but check this out too: Andrew Friedman recapped it for Toqueland and talked to Sbraga for a little more background and depth. (Our favorite part may be when Sbraga describes Swain as "a younger guy, a lot of fun, he was the first to jump in with the parsley.") Bonus: look for a '90s tribute collab dinner this summer at Sbraga. [Toqueland]