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Two Bells for Rosa Blanca; Dining Out for Life 2014

MARKET EAST — Two bells is LaBan's verdict on Rosa Blanca, where the reno feels slapped together but the homey, classic Cuban dishes hit the right notes. Highlights include the empanadas, roast chicken, and shakes, but feel free to skip the Cubano. [Inquirer]

JENKINTOWN — Over the weekend, Jenkintown's mayor visited every restaurant in his town in one day, and Meal Ticket has a) the details and b) a picture of a dude wearing a pretty swell bagel costume. [Meal Ticket]

ALL OVER — Dining Out for Life 2014 is set for this Thursday, April 24. The annual event raises funds for AIDS service organizations, and all you have to do is eat at a participating restaurant: they've all pledged to donate 33% of their proceeds from the night. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., a number of food trucks will also gather at 13th and Locust streets to take part. [EaterWire]