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The Early Word on Chip Roman's The Treemont

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[All photos: Eater Philly]
[All photos: Eater Philly]

The Treemont, Chip Roman's first foray into Center City, is just heading into its second weekend. Fans of Roman's other spots will find plenty of points of familiarity, from the restaurant's strong seafood game (full menu here) to the Tradestone confections available on the dessert menu. You'll also find a very welcoming bar (it's small, but most of the tables downstairs are earmarked for walk-ins, as well) and a wealth of snacks and small plates that could easily add up to a meal on their own. What you won't find just yet, of course, are any official reviews — so we scrounged up a summary of all the early word from various corners of the internet for you.

The Good News: The Treemont's got a solid four-star rating on Yelp so far, having racked up seven total reviews. Several four- and five-star reviews have commended both the space and the food, with some specific shout-outs going to the foie gras and clam ceviche starters, and the veal and gnocchi entrees.

The Two-Star News: Not all Yelpers were so impressed. "The menu was too eclectic for my taste so I stuck with the chicken entree," writes one displeased patron who took issue with the restaurant's "New American" label (though she did like the bar). "Our scallops were undercooked after we made it clear beforehand we wanted them well done," says another, who also cites cold chicken and waitstaff "obsessed" with replenishing water and flatware before summing the place up as "a joke." [Yelp]

The Well-Oiled Machine News: Eight ratings in, the Open Table crowd has so far bestowed 4 and a half stars on the Treemont, with many reviews singling out the service. One guest who dined on night two said it "already seems like a well oiled machine." [OT]

The Hashtag Critique: Twitter user @lhurlbrink, on the other hand, reports that "Food is delicious @the treemont but the #nosenseofurgency service is questionable." [Twitter]

The Eat-This-Not-That News: Zagat Philly sampled the menu and gave high marks to the deviled hen eggs with duck confit, the cobia, and the veal — but if you need to save room for dessert, the early assessment suggests you may find it by skipping the complimentary pre-meal crackers, which are out of balance with their accompaniment of hummus and "can also be oily." [Zagat]

The Pre-Opening Assessment: One five-star Yelp review actually came out of the friends and family, deeming the Treemont "one of the most attractive restaurants in Philly" and helpfully providing a very thorough photo essay. [Yelp]

The Portion News: An otherwise strongly positive Open Table review notes that the portion size of the "wonderful" halibut entree was "a bit small," a sentiment which is also echoed a couple of times on Yelp. [OT]

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